Solar and Clean Energy
We Believe In The Future.

KMT Solar and Roof is a company that unrivaled and active all around
Turkey with the master roof infrastructure since 1959. Its roots are in every detail
of the roof and its transformation until today with the pride of
thousands of roofs it has helped to build, its name in the construction business
 are mentioned side by side with quality and trust. Over 60 years, we develop
multi-disciplinary system solutions for better and issueless roofs.

We choose and improve our products environment
friendly. We implement R&D researches or improvement
of comfort, energy productibility, and simplification in our products. We give our services by this code because
we want to build not just today but tomorrow with
a clear conscience. As a company,
we believe green future and we invest in
 sustainable roofing technology. 

Let’s work for energy generating, green roof together.

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